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Just a guy that likes to build stuff. This has been me my entire life. I was fortunate to have a father that had two rules regarding his tools, but no age limit to how old I was when I started using them. First, don’t lose them, and last, don't break them. I violated both of those rules often. My curiosity for building stuff piqued at age seven when my parents removed the roof of our house and added a second floor. I can remember the start of that project like it was yesterday and I can remember sifting through the cut-offs and dumpsters of new construction for wood, nails and anything else I could use to create. 

The house was considered a “Chicago style bungalow” and they added four bedrooms and a full bath under a mansard roof. Well, not completely, though. See, twenty-one years after they tore the roof off, as a young tradesman in Chicago and it’s suburbs, I finished the addition after Terry and I bought the house. Along with removing some walls and other modifications, we finished 

the addition. I took the first and maybe only shower in the bathroom upstairs and put it up for sale. In fact, the day before our oldest daughter was born I started to add two dormers to the front of the house. 

In the early days building basketball goals on neighbors garages, tree forts, wood squat racks and lat machines in our basement, dorm room bunk beads and many other projects I’ve always been drawn to the creating and building process. Today, it’s full house remodels, room additions, concrete, tenant improvements, decks, porches, masonry, etc.. I’m fortunate to be able to lean on leadership, customer service and communication skills I honed during a 25 year retail career. Retail executive to running a construction company, I know a strange transition. 

During that retail career we remodeled multiple homes as we moved around. Each house served as a test of new skills, new techniques and new materials. Those houses, along with projects for family and friends and side-work continued to stoke the fire and kept me engaged in the industry and building the company and brand. There was always a deep yearning that I couldn’t ignore any longer, so here I am!


A big role for a guy with a big future. Between his junior and senior year of college Hunter joined the company helping out in the field on various projects. After he graduated he came back to work for us in the same capacity, but it was pretty clear that wasn’t the role he should be in. He has way too much intelligence to be slinging a hammer and getting dirty everyday.

An exceptional athlete, he played high school football in Tolar, TX where he helped lead the school to the semi-finals in their division, the deepest they have ever been before and since. He was offered more than a few opportunities to play in college. He played football and track at

Harding University, an NCAA DII powerhouse in Searcy, AR where he graduated with a bachelor degree in Excercise Science after showing his ability to learn and grow as a student athlete. Also, he met the love of his life there. 

After a short stint running a top tier fitness facility Hunter rejoined us in 2020, in a new role and has had an immediate, and what is easy to tell, a lasting impact. The thing that drives him is his desire to build something and be a contributor and to learn constantly. 

Added value, he is the Co-owner of our sister company, American Pro Coatings! 

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